What we offer

For our clients we manufacture liquid, semi-solid and solid forms. All production stages are compliant with GMP.

In our modern warehouse we store all raw materials, excipients and package materials necessary for the production of your medicine. We can also provide storage and delivery of your finished products. Such a service includes stored goods management, order processing and delivery to the client in 24 hours.

Liquid forms
To avoid contamination, we weigh and record the ingredients of our client's recipes in isolated chambers. Our stainless steel reactors allow for a batch size between 1 and 12,000 litres. Bottles are automatically filled using modern equipment, but can be done manually for smaller production scales.

Semi-solid forms
In this category we produce creams, ointments and gels. We have modern mixers with pre-mixing containers for water or oil phases, vacuum and homogenizers. Packaging may include aluminum, plastic or laminate tubes or jars, depending on the client's requirements. Batch sizes may be between 30 and 600 kg.

In our weighing room, equipped with a special air conditioning and airflow system, we weigh and record the ingredients of our client's recipes. We have a mixer that allows batch sizes between 40 and 250 kg. Depending on the batch size we use either our high-performance computer controlled rotary tablet press or our conventional tablet press.

Sugar coating
We have two coaters for different suspension types, including organic solutions. Batch sizes may be between 70 and 300 kg. High-quality coating properties guaranteed.

We have two packaging lines. Liquids are automatically poured into glass or plastic bottles, labelled and bulk packaged. Semi-solids may be placed in aluminum, plastic or laminate tubes. On the second line solid forms are blister-packed and packed into cartons. We can produce PVC, PVDC and Alu-Alu blisters. Special packaging methods are available for small batches.

Quality control is carried out in the respective chemical, physical and microbiological labs. The laboratory can conduct quality control test analysis as a separate service.

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